Author Ginny B. Nescott loves to read. She’s especially a sucker for laughter, mystery, romance, a wonderful kiss, warm hugs, flowers and chocolate—not necessarily in that order. Learn more about her and her books at her website.
Love doesn’t have to be neat and candy coated. It wasn’t for Native American businessman Michael, or Southern-born Paige and especially for her divorced aunt, or even a lovesick barista. Adopting a twitchy rescue cat added to their confusion. Love just needs to breathe and blossom.  Starting with Ground Hog day, my holiday novels weave to Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day. I fell in love with the characters and wintry setting in this series, so much so that my husband took me to stay in a Victorian B&B in the same mountain area from the books. That weekend at he was my own personal Groundhog Man and the only “fleeing” I did was to explore the snow-covered parklands. My health has been a struggle since then, but I have those images from a loving man. I’m lucky. We all are, partnered or no. 
The truth is love comes in so many forms: the kind smile of caring teacher, the squeezing hug of a happy child, the frail hand brushing over a creased photo of an old friend, and the pulse of a heart thrilled to be near another. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with more than chocolate and flowers. Let’s celebrate it with a laugh and with appreciation of all those around us.
Happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of you!
A Paige in Cupid’s Book: A Valentine’s Day RomancePaige Holiday, Book 2
“His touch could melt the snow surrounding her...
After leaving her life in Atlanta, Amelia Paige Myers landed on the doorstep of her aunt’s inherited farmhouse in the dead of a Pennsylvania winter. Instead of a quick fix, Paige’s temporary home was hoarded to the rafters and needed serious work. Her new-found love “interest” is there to help but distracts her with his sizzling touch. She's not sure if Michael Yotahala Lukas is a rebound or the real thing. Their budding romance and a fast approaching Valentine's Day inspire Paige to do a little matchmaking for her aunt.
Clocks, a cat, roses, and a cranky aunt who doesn't believe in love—things never go according to planned, and time is running out. Paige could sure use a page from Cupid's book.”
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Published on February 13, 2020 21:30
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