There are many books that I have re-read. The mark of a good/great book is one that compels you to return for another go. There are many reasons for a re-read:

- You missed something the first time. I do this a lot. Usually it is because I read at night and I fall asleep and forget

- It is exciting

- It tugs at your heartstrings

- You can relate to it

- It is so well written that you enjoy it just as much as the first time

- It brings back memories of where you were when you first read it.

So here is a list of books that I have read more than once, not in any particular order (not even alphabetical you ask? Nope, not even alphabetical...)

Ready Player One
Breakfast of Champions
The Foundation Trilogy (and beyond)
Cather in the Rye
The Stand
The Long Walk
The Chrysalids
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (and the other ones)
A Canticle for Leibowitz
The Arctic Grail
Oryx and Crake
A Wrinkle in Time

There's probably more...What books have you read over and over (or just over)?

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Published on February 06, 2020 11:50 Tags: rereading-favbooks
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message 1: by Catalina (new)

Catalina I've lost count of how many times I've reread the Swallows and Amazons series. The entire series. They got me through some tough stuff.

There have also been books that I have finished reading, said, Thank the lord it's done I am never reading that again... and then six months later, it's calling me like caffeine. I'm thinking of Brideshead Revisited and Brave New World.

Then there have been books that I gave back to the library half way through – Rebecca (I couldn't stand the heroine) – but then a couple of months later I compulsively HAD to finish it.

And then there are those very very rare books that I have sworn NEVER to finish because I hated them so much: only one case I can think of – 1984 by George Orwell. No.

message 2: by Leon (new)

Leon Stevens I think that I should read Brave New World again. I vaguely remember it.

The Harry Potter series - After I finished #5 I just had enough. I'm not saying it was bad but like eating ice cream, if you eat too much you just put it away and you don't feel like finishing.

message 3: by Catalina (new)

Catalina I know the feeling. Binge reading can be fatal for a series without due care. For example, Blandings castle by P.G. Wodehouse: they're such beautiful funny stories but they simply have to be read one at a time.

I have yet to read most of the books on your list, but I did love the Foundation series, and of course the Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy. Is the movie any good of that?

message 4: by Leon (new)

Leon Stevens When a movie comes out based on a book, I always read it first if I haven't already. I don't want to be disappointed because it is so difficult to convey the depth of writing. That being said, I do enjoy having a book come to life.

You gave me a good idea for a blog will be the first to read it.

message 5: by Leon (new)

Leon Stevens Ok, maybe not the first cuz I just posted it, but thanks for the idea!

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