Winter Poem Swap

When Michelle Kogan's Winter Poem Swap package arrived, I immediately knew she had no qualms about sleuthing around my blog to discover my interests. I am grateful that she wove my love of history, Saint Hildegard's monastic ruins and my Greek ancestry all into a poem about the solace we all seek at this point in our history.

CLOISTER REMNANTS...      For Joyce Ray
Time travel through sacred doorways under ancient arched pathways, and through cloister remnants of long ago... Set aside your electronic contraptions, your political mayhem, and sit with history soaking in moments of solace...
        © 2019 Michelle Kogan
 The poem unfolds in a beautiful accordion book illustrated with Michelle's art depicting scenes from her original painting of the Three Graces of Greek mythology in a cloister setting.  Michelle did visit the Cloisters museum in New York this past year!

I have to admit that I googled the Three Graces to learn what I didn't know. I discovered that I probably walked past Antonio Canova's stunning marble sculpture of the goddess sisters at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London last July. I was fresh off the plane and did not pay as much attention as I could have!

Included in my gift packet were samples of Michelle's fine art, all wrapped individually, so I could savor the discoveries. The poem appeared again, this time in a frameable print. I may decide to share the bounty by actually sending the art cards to friends, but I love the bookmark scene and accompanying poem so much that I plan to mount and frame it. How lucky I am to be able to enjoy Michelle's art as well as her poem!

Art and poetry have enriched this season, and with a grateful heart I share these holiday greetings from another century. My husband's mom saved everything!

A Glad Christmas

greeting comes
with a spray
  of holly
To wish you a
glad and

Greetings. Greetings, and Oh say
  I called up Santa Claus today,
Told him to carry you his best
  And load you down like all

My Christmas Wish
          for You

May all the joy
   Of this glad day
Shine in your heart
   And on your way.

On this Winter Solstice, I wish you Love and Light on whatever path you walk. Buffy has the Roundup today. Head on over for Solstice celebrations and more! Thank you, Buffy.

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Published on December 19, 2019 14:15
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