snippets from the upcoming new book

Okay everyone, sorry for being absent here... I'm working hard on book two of the Theocrates of Terexia series...

Just getting the word out... for those who are interested and those who requested it... My Book - Theocrates and the Crystal Cavern is back on Kindle Unlimited, so you can read it for free!!

Also, the website: is now live with images from Terexia and more to come!

Also, I wanted to talk briefly about weddings on Terexia. Even one not based on religion has traditional elements.
Theocrates and Solaca are planning to be married at midnight in the Temple of Terex. On the seventh of Mindarin, under dual full moons!
I'm sure it will be a magical night!
The beams of light will shine down through the hall,,, They will have the pyramid skylight open to the stars!
Solaca will wear her grandmother's red dress.,,
lots to do and lots to prepare!!

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Published on December 18, 2019 08:22 Tags: fiction, scifi, theocratesandthecrystalcavern
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