Syncing Nightmares

Today has not been a fun day. It has not been a productive day. My beloved Ulysses writing app refused to sync for forty-eight hours. Three of my devices worked fine. My iMac, iPhone, and iPad all communicated flawlessly, as they're supposed to. My MacBook on the other hand would not, could not, no matter what. As it is my primary writing device, and it held two-thousand additional words that none of the others could fetch, I found this undesirable.
I tried restarting everything. I made sure all operating systems were up to date. I uninstalled and re-installed Ulysses twice on the MacBook. I made a backup of everything and deleted all texts. Nothing worked...nothing worked.
Finally, I had to sign out of iCloud and delete everything from my Mac. That worked. Eight hours later, and I'm still waiting for everything to sync because I store everything in iCloud.
So, I explored Dropbox syncing for Ulysses. But—it's awful. I mean, the syncing is fine, but I lose a lot of functionality. Gone were my word goals, keywords, and notes.
I was this close to switching back to Scrivener or Storyist. Did I mention this is the second time it's happened?
My new game plan is to switch the bulk of my cloud storage to Dropbox. Maybe next time (if there is one) it won't be so painful.
Has anyone else had this problem? Do you have a better solution?

Im thinking the next time this happens, my game plan will be: backup, uninstall everywhere, reinstall, and restore backup. It's what I probably should have done in hindsight.
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Published on September 09, 2016 13:37
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