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Dating My Best Friend
A Second Chance at First Love.

It's been over a decade since tragedy ripped us apart.
We were just teens, but I never got to tell her I loved her.
Now I'm back in town, and Khloe doesn't want to see me.
Seconds after I walk into her work
I feel the same hot rush of longing I did all those years ago.
I still want her.
But there are secrets in the way.
I'm not the boy I was.
I'm a broken man with demons that chased me back from the Marines.
She's still hurt that I broke my promise.
There's no room in her life for me now.
But this attraction won't be ignored.
Her lush mouth, her touch, they bring light to my dark corners
But my secrets, my past, threaten to scare her off.
I don't know if she can handle what I've become.

I do know I can't stand to lose her again.
Not when I'd do anything to keep her.

Dating My Best Friend
Dating My Best Friend A Second Chance Romance by Annie J. Rose

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Published on December 15, 2019 08:47 Tags: contemporary-romance, romance, second-chance
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