Why Genre Writers Need Cats

Sci Fi authors looking to plumb the depths of alien intelligences, have you ever attempted to communicate with a cat? To get a cat to act reasonable? If we cannot understand or communicate with a creature with which we’ve shared some DNA over the last sixty million or so years, how can we ever expect to describe or chat with life from other far more distant worlds?

What about those mysterious objects that suddenly appear, or familiar things that disappear?

Mind control, stare back at a cat. Experienced researchers know the creature is attempting to take over and guide its unwary subject to the food cupboard or the tap in the bathtub.

Horror writers need to experience the mysterious bump in the night, the unearthly wail for no good reason. How about the small mangled remains you may come across in both unusual and familiar places? There’s a description waiting recording.

Then there are the writers of fantasy fiction. Superheroes? Pay close attention to how cats can fly from the floor to the top of the refrigerator. Ever watch a cat staring at a blank wall or out a window at nothing. They do it on purpose, of course, just to cause confusion. There is nothing there! Or is there?

Drop something on the kitchen floor and a cat can materialize out of almost thin air, when you knew it was on another floor of the house, and at the far end of the building, asleep.

And they do liven up the Christmas Season. Where do all those ornaments go? Why is the tree shaking? Why are the presents moving under the tree? Is this examples of mind over matters?

Inquiring authors need to know!

Cats are a practice in patience and a useful distraction when writer’s block threatens.

If nothing else, if you have room nearby, but not on, the keyboard, cats are quite willing to offer serious encouragement or criticism of your ability as a writer, free of bias. At least they don’t put it in writing, as far as I’ve noticed, to date.
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Published on December 10, 2019 12:52 Tags: authors, cats, genre-writers
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