I am pleased to recommend this beautifully-told story!

I would not have read this biography in the first place, my reading tastes tending more towards novels and investigations into current events. I have little interest, usually, in stories with known, or even predictable, outcomes.

This book, which was recommended by a friend, has proven to me that history viewed from a different perspective, with emphasis on an overarching aspect of the subject, can be provocative to the point of inspiring the reader to further study. It prompts one to delve deeper into Joan’s amazing exploits and compelling personality.

I especially enjoyed the author’s introductory discussion of shamanism and sorcery. It was a fitting way to focus the lens through which the rest of the story is told. Then the saga is laid out with lush imagery and Joan’s actual quotes taken directly from the records of her trials. As the story progresses, the reader can easily imagine hearing Joan’s voice while visualizing scenes made even more vivid with numerous photos of the region in which she lived.

The author’s extensive research and travels to France have benefited the reader with a vivid picture of Joan and the age in which she lived. Ms. Noren has produced a wonderful work which anyone of any age can enjoy, about one of history’s most intriguing people.
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