My love for history and mysticism are without a doubt my deepest passions.  The study of military history combined with the history of mysticism has provided me with my very grounded view of human nature.  Without a sense of history, the present moment is nothing more than a floating mirage disconnected from its formative events.  In working with thousands of people through these past twenty-five-years, I have learned that each person's life is comprised of a series of small and great battles.  Sometimes our battles are with other people, sometimes they are with forces in the outside world, and sometimes our greatest battles are with our own inner demons.  But we are warring creatures constantly in search of what can never be found on this earth, which is peace.  Religion fills that middle ground, with its mythologies and rituals that attempt to control the dark side of human nature, but rarely succeed. I am passionate about sharing the wisdom of the great mystics, most especially Teresa of Avila, who came to the realization peace was ultimately an interior journey, not an exterior one. History is replete with figures who have transformed the world having first awakened to that fundamental mystical truth.  I believe every person is deeply attracted to that inner authority that comes from an encounter with mystical wisdom and truth. I consider it a privilege to be a conduit of the wisdom and mystic traditions, as a writer and as a teacher.  

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