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11/03 - 11/30: The Darkest Places - Scary Characters

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10/17 - 11/15: Whatever You Do...: Books with Supernatural or Paranormal Creatures or Elements (mostly Sci-fi/Fantasy though there are other genres mixed in)

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Am I the only one who misses the days when you would at least get to fully embrace and enjoy one holiday before the next was unceremoniously shoved down your throat by retailers?

First, it was one holiday then the next day following its passing, the holiday section would transform into the next. Now, while the Halloween costumes are still cluttering the floors of the suffocatingly crowded aisles, the Thanksgiving-themed florals and Turkey-flavored table cloths sit side by side with unpersuasively festive, plastic and foil sprouting, dead-eyed trees, awkwardly dancing elves and glittery, winking balls of glass.

In honor of this utter nonsense, I penned this little poem.

Seasons Greed-ings by Grea Alexander

Seasons Greed-ings,
Open seasons,
Holidays slither closer, closer together.

What do I do?
Retail hullabaloo,
Holidays mushed indelibly, forever.

Happy New Tines!
Happy St. Easter!
My hangover has a basket of hearts.

Barbecue and beer,
And fireworks appear,
When Memorial of July Day festivity starts.

And there's no forgetting,
HallowThankMas Giving,
Masks, tinsel, turkeys strewn across the floor.

With the wink of an eye,
They all pass us by,
Pockets emptier - faster, faster, more.

Each holiday's kitsch,
Now lives in a ditch,
Like the victims of some horrid crash.

My senses overwhelmed,
This retail hell helmed,
To steer me away from my cash.

A hoarder's dream!
Peeps, chocolate, ice cream,
Neither my brain nor wallet comprehend.

How this came to be,
This holi-mockery,
By GOD oh when will it end!


And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is why I save my poetry for my prose.


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