Book Review: Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel, Vol. 6

Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel, Vol. 6 Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel, Vol. 6 by Doug Moench

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This book collects the last of the original Captain Marvel Comics featuring Mar-vell of the Kree.

Issues 57-62 are the last of the on-going series and contain one over-arching plot about Mar-vel having to stop Thanos post-death plans to destroy Titan and openly unleash death on the Universe. The story is wrapped up in Marvel Spotlight #1 and #2. Throughout the adventure he's joined by Drax the Destroyer who promises to kill him after the adventure because he was in the vicinity with Thanos was killed. Mar-vel also meets and falls in love with Eloyius, a creation of the mad computer Isaac.

Marvel Spotlight #3 and #4 have a new threat emerge. Issue 4 is drawn by Steve Ditko and that style is such a treat to see.

Marvel Spotlight #8 is another solo story and features Frank Miller showing some really impressive art that's far different from much of his later stuff.

There's a story from Marvel Superheroes #3 that was submitted in the 1980s and never published but finally printed in the 1990s where Mar-vell loses his powers and its tied to a mysterious woman. It's an interesting idea, but it has a couple problems. The villains are standard crooks which don't match well against Mar-vel and take a ridiculous amount of time to catch up to him. In addition, the writer seemed to forget Eloyius existed.

This sets up Marvel Graphic Novel #1: The Death of Captain Marvel, and its superb as everyone comes to grips with Mar-vel's mortality. Its moving at times because the characters are real and reactions are believable. There are a few surprise in who comes to honor him and who doesn't. The story feels very intimate and personal but can pull back for an epic splash page. It's thought-provoking, artistic, and has held up over time very well.

The book concludes with a back-up story from Logan's Run that includes Drax and Thanos for some reason.

Overall, it's a great end for a great character. At its worst, this book is mostly good space opera and then in the Graphic Novel it goes to another level.

Overall, a really solid classic superhero read.

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