Writing Update

Writing Update August 2019

So the transition from self-publishing to main stream publishing has begun in earnest, I’m aware that it will be a difficult, sometimes frustrating experience, I’ve been down this road before. My Crime-fiction novel Fyre & Stone is in editing right now, when I’m happy with it a long list of publishers will be the next step.
On the self-publishing side, The Deaths of Guner Zoon is out, thanks for everyone who has read it so far, #scifi #adult #comedy, it’s available in paperback, kindle and kindle unlimited. The next Botolf book, Botolf Tales, will be out in September this year, #comedy #fantasy, part 4 of the increasingly inaccurate Botolf Trilogy.
Also working on several side projects, including a book of satire Haiku … more on that later in the year.

Thanks for reading


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Published on August 15, 2019 06:35 Tags: crime, murder, mystery, scifi
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