Book Review: Captain America Epic Collection: Justice Is Served

Captain America Epic Collection: Justice Is Served (Captain America (1968-1996))Captain America Epic Collection: Justice Is Served (Captain America by Mark Gruenwald

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Marvel had created far too many supervillains and so they needed to thin the heard, thus the Scourage arrived, killing off D-league villains and it's up to Cap to stop him.

This book starts out really strong. The Scourage is a great idea. Some of non-Captain America material is pretty good. A Hulk story told in splash pages is a favorite. The Cap stuff is great leading up to the confrontation with the Scourage.r

The rest of the book is still good, but different. This book's Cap is a Captain America who drives around in a van and makes a living drawing comics. In a weird way, he seems to be remakring his life based on the late 1970s TV movies.

Cap has a hard and fast no killing rule which breaks when a terrorist is about to gun down innocent citizen civilians which leads to some very awkward regrets, with Cap one time calling it an "indiscretion."

Yet, there are a lot of fun and interesting things, there's D-Man's arrival, Captain America apparently run into the ghost of the Red Skull, and a moment of truth regarding his wearing of the Shield. Writer Mark Gruenwald took concepts that wouldn't have worked for any other writer, but puts together a really fun and enjoyable narrative.

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Published on August 10, 2019 22:53 Tags: 1980s, captain-america
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