Why are there no ass shots of your female (or male) chara...

Why are there no ass shots of your female (or male) characters on your books?

I think it’s over done. I believe there is a treatise–if not several–out there regarding this subject, but (haha, not ‘butt’) it seems a little overplayed on book covers and movies posters. True, most of these covers and posters include both male and female butts; however, what is the point, especially when it is so blatantly obvious?

Granted, it may sell more books… I myself am intrigued by a nice posterior presented in all its glory for my visual appreciation. Still, in a world of the ME TOO! this seems like a disingenuous (if not effective) marketing ploy … considering that despite how “under-sexualized” we claim to be … we are all animals according to our DNA, and hence, have drives directly associated to the phenotypes (outwardly appearances) we find desirable as a species. Ergo: nice butt, arms, breasts, et. al.

Still, unlike some weirdos out there, I’m not going to fuck a book or a movie poster. For those of you that do, well, more power to you. Just please, keep or throw the book away when you’re done with it; DON’T resell it to Powells!


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Published on August 07, 2019 07:35
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