Book Review: Wonder Woman Archives, Vol. 7

Wonder Woman Archives, Vol. 7Wonder Woman Archives, Vol. 7 by William Moulton Marston

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The final volume of the DC Comics Archives collection for Golden Age Wonder Woman comics is still pretty good even as creator William Moultoon Marston's involvement waned.

While the series repeated the same plot points over and over again particularly with Wonder Woman getting tied up, the stories moved at a nice pace. While the ten single stories in Sensation Comics are nice, the highlight of the book is Wonder Woman #16-18 each of which tell interlinking stories in three chapters making for rarely seen comic epics including one with the psychdellic world of King Pluto, a woman facing a key decision sent on a magical journey through time, and an encore appearance for one of Wonder Woman's best Golden Age rogues, Doctor Pscyho.

The last story is probably the most disappointing in the book, but the rest of it is just solid and a great read.

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Published on August 02, 2019 19:34 Tags: dc-comics, golden-age, wonder-woman
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