Book Review: Superman, Volume 7: Bizarroverse

Superman, Volume 7: BizarroverseSuperman, Volume 7: Bizarroverse by Peter J. Tomasi

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The book contains the final four issues of Peter Tomasi's run on Superman as well as a story from Superman Special #1.

The Bizarroverse story is fun as Boyzarro (the Bizarro version of Superboy) runs away from the Bizarro dimensions which leads to a confrontation with Bizarro. Tomasi simplifies Bizarro language to Bizarro wanting the opposite of what he says which is different from many Silver Age stories where the Bizarros want the opposite of what they say and do the opposite, it's a bit simpler. It's a simple story that once again shows the kindness and openness of Superman.

The run concludes with a last farewell to Hamilton County as the Kent's farm has been sold and they make one last visit to the Fair. The Superman Special concludes with Superman and Superboy tying up a plot threat from Volume 2 and going to rescue the last surving member of the World War II squad the Losers from dinosuar island and reintroduce him to the modern world.

Both are fitting codas to a series that was about Superman, Lois, and Jon as family and the type of values they gave their son. It's been a wonderful and often poignant run and this makes a nice wrap0-up.

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Published on August 01, 2019 22:50 Tags: dc-rebirth, superman
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