Meet Delbeth Sitric

This slim, blonde, vampire/faerie/human blend is an athletic teenager who is planning her senior prom from a Catholic Girls' Academy. Her strict vampire father and her quiet fae/human mother protect her from the prejudice against vampire blends, so she is unaware of how much her species is hated by regular vampires. However, the danger has become more than even her parents can defend, so they arrange further protection among the enlightened Celtic covens in the North. With a boyfriend in town, Delbeth Sitric is on her way to Dublin, unaware of how seriously her life is being threatened. In the first few chapters, her life is turned upside down, but she gradually separates from her human life, and faces her fate as a vampire blend destined to join a world much larger than she has imagined.

Meet Johan Mirez

Tall, dark, handsome Johan is a physician from South America. He is charming, and he falls in love with the now adult Delbeth. However, Johan is much more complicated than he seems, and Delbeth is instinctively reserved toward his advances. Johan and Delbeth share one important fact; they are both vampire blends. Unfortunately, Johan is not as capable of coping with his dual nature as Delbeth is, and he has more "baggage" than anyone knows.  However, they are all about to find out what Johan is keeping secret.

Meet Galian McDermot

The vampire "son" of the Celtic Vampire Governor, Galian McDermot offers the sanctity of the Celtic area to Delbeth through an arranged marriage. By agreeing to such a wedding, the young Delbeth fulfills an ancient spell, and her new husband becomes her greatest protector.  Galian is no ordinary vampire:  he is a tall, handsome, intelligent, entrepreneur whose talents are gradually revealed to his new bride as he brings the vampire nation into the twenty-first century with his extraordinary negotiating ability and vision.  He proves to be a perfect match for his headstrong bride, while she becomes the Eve of  a new immortal species destined to save the world.

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