5.0 out of 5 stars Must read!!!, December 4, 2011
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This review is from: Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy (Perfect Paperback)
Anyone who has doubted divine spiritual guidance needs to read this book. Joan was a simple French girl that was able to change the course of history! (without a blue dress and a cigar).....The power of maintaining one's quiet inner life is self evident in this book. Joan took time for prayer and in doing so heard her call to destiny. Marcia Quinn Noren does a wonderful job of setting the stage to bring the real story to light. This book should be a text for all world history classes. It demonstrates the corrupt powers of the political sycophants and church hierarchy in a culture that had become morally depraved yet taught morality. This book is a mirror for all of humanity to gaze upon and ask the questions: 1. Am I taking time in my life, despite the chaos that wants to envelop me, to quiet my brain so that I can hear my inner voice-that voice of the divine within me? 2. Am I expanding my consciousness to accept my fellow human beings no matter what culture and country they happen to have been born in?.....It could have just as well been you that had been born there....Thank you Marcia for a wonderful book.
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