Book Review: Nightwing: Knight Terrors

Nightwing: Knight TerrorsNightwing: Knight Terrors by Benjamin Percy

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I checked and I've not given any graphic novel/comic collection a one-star rating in fifty-six months. Meet Nightwing: Knight Terrors, the book that broke the streak and might just be the worst mainstream comic collection I've ever read.

This book completely derails the unresolved plotline from the previous volume in favor for some good old fashioned editorially mandated tripe. Dick Grayson, for 77 years, one of the DC Universe's most beloved heroes becomes Ric Grayson, moody navel-gazing cab driver who you don't even care about. All of this because of a bullet to his brain in Volume 8 of Batman. But don't worry Rik Grayson may be done as a superhero (because he's too whiny for that) but there's a whole team of police officers who decided to play vigilantes because of a stockpile of weapons and equipment Nightwing left around for funzies.

The Nightwings are indistinct and dull, so I found it impossile to be invested them. Scott Lobdell does such a bad job with characterization that in one of the last issues he has to tell you who the wreckless one is and who the cautious one is because if you didn't have him tell you, you wouldn't know from reading the story. Scarecrow is in this and he's doing typical Scarecrow things only in a badly written manner.

The art isn't the worst of all time, but its bad, and bad art in a stupid story makes this a simply dreadful book that makes this one of the worst examples of a company destroying a character since One More Day.

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