Book Review: Thing Classic Vol. 1

Thing Classic Vol. 1 (The Thing (1983-1986))Thing Classic Vol. 1 (The Thing by John Byrne

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Taking place right after Marvel Two-in-One ended, the Thing got a Comic where he wasn't required to have a guest character. The book was written by John Byrne and went in a very introspective perspective with Ben Grimm, which was always a huge part of the character.

On one hand, the book has some interesting explorations such as when Ben's about to meet an old flame who's not seen him since he got hit by cosmic rays, but also the book can be a bit of a bummer. However, there are some highlights, including the Thing crossing over with the Inhumans to prevent Quicksilver from exposing their baby to harmful energies. The book also has the hilarious Assistant Editor's month issue. All this is helped by the fact that Byrne doesn't draw book. Ron Wilson does a fantastic job and captures Ben how Kirby drew him.

Overall, a solid if somewhat melancholy volume.

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