Book Review: Captain Marvel Masterworks Vol. 5

Captain Marvel Masterworks Vol. 5 (Captain Marvel (1968-1979))Captain Marvel Masterworks Vol. 5 (Captain Marvel by Scott Edelman

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This penultimate volume featuring the avengers of Mar-vel of the Kree as Captain Marvel collects issues 47-57, as well as his guest appearance in Avengers Annual #7 and his somewhat less substantial role in Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2.

At this point, Captain Marvel settled into being a decent enough "villain of the month" comic which alternated between typical Earthbound Marvel villains and more cosmic threats (including a beserk Ronan the Accuser.) Some of the highlights of the book include the introduction of Doctor Minerva, a crossover with the Avengers to battle the Super Adaptoid in Issue 50, and a team up with Black Bolt in #53. He also decides he needs to settle into life on Earth and so think about adopting a secret identity before deciding he doesn't need one given that he doesn't have any loved ones. However, when he lands a job based on being Captain Marvel, he learns that may have been a mistake. The Annuals are all about Thanos. No, it's not as good as the Jim Starlin stuff, but it's really a fun bit of Space opera, featuring a guest appearance by Adam Strange. Mar-vel is relegated to the side for most of Marvels Two-In-One Annual #2 which focuses on Spider-man, and to an extent, The Thing. However, it's still a good story and leads into Issue #57 where our hero tries to get Thor to kill him.

Overall, while this isn't Spider-man or Fantastic Four, Mar-vel continues to be a fun character to read and if you love 1970s comics or Sci Fi of this era, it's a book that's worth checking out.

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