Book Review: Doctor Who Classics, Volume 8

Doctor Who Classics, Vol. 8Doctor Who Classics, Vol. 8 by Grant Morrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book collects comic strips from 19 issues of Doctor Who Magazine during Colin Baker's time as the Doctor and featuring his TV companion Peri Brown and Frobisher

Exodus/Genesis/Revelation: Three inter-linked stories that lead to one of the Doctor's oldest enemies. A decent story, though the Doctor's a bit rude to refugees who arrive in the TARDIS due to no fault of their own. Grade: B-

Nature of the Beast: The Doctor and crew arrive on a planet where there are military types going about and a queen has disappeared and a strange beast has appeared. Typical Doctor Who story with a surprisingly New Who feel for the 1980s. Well-executed. Grade: B

Time Bomb: An alien species is threatening to stop all life on Earth from existing and its up to the Doctor and Froisher to thwart them as Peri at a baseball game on Earth. Major annoyance is how little the Doctor does in this story, minor annoyance is how they messed up the baseball stuff. If they had a U.S. Audience in mind I'd think the writer was making a joke, but here it just feels a bit ignorant. Stilll, I do love the final scene. Grade: C-

Salad Daze: Brief 1-part story where Peri ends up in an Alice in Wonderland pursued by salad vegetables. Zany and with a humorous explanation. Grade: B

Changes: Weird things happening in the TARDIS. Has since become a trope of Doctor Who comics, however this is written by Grant Morrison, so it's a bit better than usual. Grade: C+

Profits of Doom: It's up to the Doctor to stop profiteering space pirates from destroying an Earth Colony Ship. A fairly typical plot but done with gusto and some great twists. Grade: B+

The Gift: The longest story in the book and the best. The Doctor, Peri, and Frobisher go to a planet that's an echo of 1920s America, complete with jazz culture to celebrate a duke's birthday. However, the gift of the Duke's scientist brother causes a lot of problems and puts the Doctor and friends lives at risk. This is big, colorful, and fun. It's the perfect Sixth Doctor comic story. Grade: A

Overall, this is a good book. There's not a really bad strip in here, but the quality does vary quie a bit. Still, I enjoyed this and for me, it definitely ended with a bang.

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