Grace Under Fire: Shadow Warrior’s Heroine

Grace Murphy is a resilient character and I enjoyed writing her story. She’s had a difficult start in life, in and out of foster care. She finally finds someone who is a brother to her, who cares about her, just to find that he is not who she thinks he is. He’s dangerous. And he’s jealous of anyone she gives her attention to, which makes her life very lonely.

She’s sold by that same foster brother to repay a debt. It’s here where our story starts and where Vittorio discovers that, not only is there a traitor to the Ferraro family, but the Saldi’s are up to something. Then, he discovers Grace and what her fate was to be.


Imagine waking up in the hospital to find that an infamous billionaire playboy is taking care of you and claiming to be your fiancé. You’re wounded and betrayed and know that wherever you are, whoever you’re with, danger follows you. It’s a vulnerable position to be in. Then some wildly sexy man wants to protect you and take care of you. What’s a girl to do, right?

I love that Grace holds up under pressure. So much of her life is changing and other people are trying to maneuver her, but even with so much confusion and danger in her life she holds true to herself.

Grace is a perfect fit for Vittorio. She knows when something is worth arguing for and when it’s not. She’s sweet and caring and has longed for a family. The mutual respect between Grace and Vittorio is one of the things I loved most about their relationship. They want to understand one another and find harmony in their life together.

Shadow Warrior (Shadow #4) by Christine Feehan

I love that Grace has her own kind of power and is a heroine in her own right. She’s a perfect match for a Shadow Warrior.
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message 1: by Maureen (last edited Jun 10, 2019 11:17AM) (new)

Maureen Gianinio I love this couple! Vittorio and Grace by both staying true to themselves become anchors for each other within all the turmoil.

message 2: by Tina (new)

Tina Messamore I so love Grace! She is so strong and how could she not. She thought sge found a brother only to find he is insane.

message 3: by April (new)

April Mcmillan Shadow Warrior by Christine Feehan has it all. The heroine who chooses to be submissive to her man and yet still strong and sure is mated to a dominant no nonsense strong man that wants to give her everything including occasional compromise when it really matters most to her. Enjoy the action, suspense, romance, and drama in this wonderful tale.

message 4: by Megan (new)

Megan Buckley I like so much about Grace, Vittorio and this story, but I honestly was disappointed and confused by the poor editing and obvious rewrite of the first third of the book. Unlike most of CF's stories, there was little or no development of the female lead and her worldview. Grace is absent, unconscious or skimmed over until chapter five and by then Vittorio, the family and the reader have decided her fate. Little points of plot appear out of the blue and lead nowhere; while other more important ones are unsupported by exposition. It's hard to visualize her Psycho-brother, without her voice to give depth and true fear from the beginning. I found that once she was present [and conscious] that the relationship grew believably and I settled down to enjoy. Shadow Riders and CF are among my most favourite series and writers, and this lapse in quality came as an unpleasant surprise; that fortunately didn't ruin the entire book.

message 5: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Megan wrote: "I like so much about Grace, Vittorio and this story, but I honestly was disappointed and confused by the poor editing and obvious rewrite of the first third of the book. Unlike most of CF's stories..."

It's so interesting to me how two people can read the same thing and get entirely different opinion from it.

I disagree with the assessment about the quality. The story dictated the flow and I was glad for that. I hate it when authors feel the need to telegraph character information like the reader can't figure it out on their own. Nothing was pushed and perhaps that makes it seem like Grace isn't present for some people. It didn't feel that way to me though. She fought from the first time we saw her. We got her POV in the hospital. She was ever-present in every way in my opinion. Though I realize that's just MY opinion.
Not ever book works perfectly for everyone and for a variety of reasons. This is one of my favorites in the series.
Kudos to you for completing it and finding a way to enjoy the overall book anyway. And I'm not trying to put down your interpretation of the book, just saying I saw it so differently.

Brenda Chambers Awesome give it 5 stars

message 7: by Gail (new)

Gail Wire I was fascinated by Grace and Vittorio's story. But left wanting for Emme's.

message 8: by Carol L (new)

Carol L Cridge Vittorio and Grace are perfect. And I agree with a few of the others left wanting for Emme. Hoping Val turns out to be true to her. It seems he genuinely cares.

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