Book Review: Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-Verse

Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-VerseAmazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-Verse by David Hine

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is an anthology book giving us five stories of alternate universe Spiders:

Spider-man Noir: Really does a great job evoking the era with a mystery.
Spider-Gwen: Good introduction to the character, a little rushed because of how much story it had to tell.
The Spider-man: A more techno version of Spider-man. Like the concepts. character is a bit of a jerk but not in a fun way.
I Walked With a Spider: Spider-man in an alternate universe as horror. Don't look the grimmer parts of this but can see how it could work.

SP//DR: A sort of reality where a girl has a symbiotic relationship with a huge robot. The concept had some good moments but needed some place to develop.
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Overall, not a bad book, but other than the first story, none were really standouts.

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Published on May 16, 2019 23:23 Tags: spider-man, spider-verse
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