What Makes an Author’s World Unique?

There is a world, a different realm of greater dimensional space right in front of us that we can’t see with physical ordinary eyes. It’s right there for the taking, I promise it’s there, would you like to see it? In order to see it you must leave the mundane behind. The job, the car, house, apartment, kids, spouse, pets everything that you have ever partnered with or accumulated in this life, and leave it all behind. This world is meant for you to find on your own will. Only you can conjure the power to see and be a part of this world, no one else can do it for you. There is a thin path that leads to this world and only the very few, strong, ready and willing, can walk it. This is a place that knows no time, pain, weight, vice or opinion. It is perfection that delivers the keys to supernatural supremacy. All the things you once deemed impossible are suddenly possible. There are no longer miracles because once you are in, you become the miracle. With great wisdom comes greater responsibility. In this world you will see everything in its true natural form. You will see past the physical world and into ethereal essence. In this realm the cosmic laws of the world are granted to you, and you my friend become a true superbeing. Only now will it be up to you to protect and serve humanity from the fallen hoards that aim to infect and destroy it. The choice is yours. Longevity awaits you……………
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Published on May 15, 2019 15:18
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