Book Review:X-Men: Gambit - The Complete Collection Vol. 2

X-Men: Gambit - The Complete Collection Vol. 2X-Men: Gambit - The Complete Collection Vol. 2 by Fabian Nicieza

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Years after the first half of Gambit’s 1999-2000 comic run was published, we get the rest of the volume as Gambit travels back in time to 1891 because he already did and in the process of fulfilling history gets his powers amped up.

When he returns, he deals with his relationship with Rogue which has always been starcrossed, but now because of his enhanced powers, they can kiss without her absorbing them, but there are other problems and I like that’s dealt with in a very grown up and thoughtful manner.

This leads to the next phase of the book where Gambit becomes leader of the Thieves Guild and also gets two contracts put on his life: one by the Assassins Guild, and one by New Son which is open to any assassin out there, and so Remy being hunted down by nearly every big assassin in the Marvel Universe at the same time.

This leads to an Annual that finally reveals what New Son is up to and who he is, and it’s actually quite clever. Most of the rest of the book builds towards a final confrontation with New Son and is mostly okay. We learn his plan for Remy at the end and it is…underwhelming. Probably the most disappointing part of this is the stupidity of New Son’s plans in light of his stated goal.

The book wraps with a single issue that introduces a new team with Scott Lobdell and Joe Pruett writing. The story involves Gamit having to repay a childhood debt to a mobster and solve the problem of his daughter’ stolen heart. It’s entertaining, even if the art’s a bit off, and sets the tone for a further series featuring Gambit and Bishop.

The book has some disappointing features, most notably New Son’s plan, and the way the forced gender change of Courier is done as I don’t understand why it was done or what they were going for. Still, I do like this book. There’s some great character and some fantastic worldbuilding regarding the Assassins and Thieves guilds.

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