Thankfulness is good for your health.

Being thankful and really meaning it, in my heart and soul, helps me to cope with these difficult times in our world. I am affected by the global state of disaster looming as we are bombarded with bad news every day, of shootings, natural disasters, not to mention my own private hurdles. Stay grounded in the present moment, like the wonderful breakfast I just enjoyed, complete with fresh squeezed tangerine juice, two organic eggs, and two pieces of sprouted multi grain bread. How many people woke today, to no breakfast at all? I am so blessed and thank God for my breakfast that will nourish my body to carry on with my day. Thank you God for the blessings in my life, like good health, my children and the love from my family that is better than any gold. I am thankful today for the beautiful sunny spring day, planning on a nice walk in the forest trails.

There has been studies done, evidence based research into the benefits of gratitude. A person who practises gratitude, can cope better with stress, increased resilience in the face of trauma, may recover more quickly from illness and benefit from better physical health. As I have said before, your health is your wealth. Being thankful can boost immune antibodies. Other studies have shown, healthier heart rhythms, probably because you are exercising your heart strings in your thankfulness.

Gratitude deepens our relationships with family and friends. Receiving a heartfelt thank you from your friends and family makes you truly happy. This increases joy in my life, and I am truly happy to be alive and healthy, increasing the body feel good hormones.

Make gratitude a habit, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, to a new day of life. Thank God for your blessings,

When people feel valued, appreciated and respected, it makes them feel better about themselves.

Gratitude in this time in our world, will help to heal the divides in every facet of our lives. Give it a try, and make it an every day thing. Improve your self esteem by valuing, accepting and respecting yourself.

Give yourself positive messages, like I appreciate my health and my body, and thank God for another day of life. Make someone else's day, by thanking them for the simplest things. Thank you for being so kind, thank you for being you. Show love and kindness every chance you get. Be humble, like Jesus.

Sending love to all my readers, and thank you so much for reading my thoughts which I send to you with kindness and gratitude for your time.

God Bless you and yours!!!
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Published on March 24, 2019 12:08
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