Bumblestook Reborn

Finally! What a relief to have finished the 2nd edition of Bumblestook, the Accidental Wizard. It's been over a year since I decided this labor of love needed a second look. It was a difficult decision as I had already put in a great deal of time and effort into the original book, but I had become dissatisfied with certain aspects and just couldn't move forward on Book 2 till they were resolved.

First I had it professionally edited - an arduous process, as much for my editor as for me, as I fought to keep my voice (and struggled over the love of my own words) and she fought to inject editorial integrity. It took many months of back and forth but the end product was definitely worth it! In addition to fixing grammar and punctuation errors, she helped me trim unnecessary verbiage. My favorite change is that it starts out faster with a major character leaping in right from the beginning, as opposed to sauntering in later (my editor's brilliant suggestion).

The next step in the process was to re-do the illustrations in full-color, which meant that all of them needed to be re-drawn. I also ended up adding a few new ones, ending up with over 30 in color and a few black and white. I'm very critical of my artwork, so some of the illustrations were done multiple times in full color before I was satisfied. I'm excited to share the characters in all of their re-imagined, colorful glory!

Next, on to formatting as an ebook. Yikes! On the first edition, I hired a company to do it but this time around I didn't have the funds. So, I used the Kindle Create software and did it myself. Let's just say the learning curve resembled a roller coaster.

And here we are, over a year later! At last, I can return to Bumblestook 2 (which is somewhere around the half-way mark) secure in the knowledge that I've done right by Bumblestook 1! Please visit Amazon and give Bumblestook a read. As always reviews are much appreciated!

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Published on March 24, 2019 07:10
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