Book Review: Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 7: Batmen Eternal

Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 7: Batmen EternalBatman: Detective Comics, Vol. 7: Batmen Eternal by James Tynion IV

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This book has seven issues.

The first issue is the Trial of Batwoman and it deals with the aftermath of the last story and what the Batfamily is going to do about Batwoman's killing in the last volume. The idea of the trial that Batman wants to hear from his "family," the people he trusts is a great idea and each brings an interesting perspective that I can totally believe, although its Batgirl who really has the most important insight. (As an aside, it's a shame that Batgirl's not being written this well in her own comic.)

Then, we have the Fall of the Batmen story which finds Tim Drake being approached by a former tech for the colony about avoiding becoming the future Batman. This was a decent storyline, though not perfect. It does feel a tad padded and to me it felt like there was too much about future Tim Drake, who has loomed over the last three volumes. Still, I think it managed to tie things up nicely. Not only did Tynion come full circle to take care of issues that had been raised for the first issue, Tynion deserves credit for his character work. Several characters, in particular Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain had been pushed aside by the new 52. He gave them a new start in DC Rebirth and left them with some experiences and set things up so other creators can easily utilize them and reintroduce them. These characters have a future Tynion really set the stage for that. So job well done.

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