[Book Review] When the Mob Ran Vegas

Written in 2014. Review of: When the Mob Ran Vegas by Steve Fischer  

I originally found When the Mob Ran Vegas by Steve Fischer while in Half Priced Books back home in Kentucky. It was one of those days where I walked out of the bookstore with 20 books that had been on sale and 5 records. Very good choice I made with this book, definitely. 

I am ecstatic to say that I finally finished this book! After a long week and half of trying to finish, reading every free moment I could, but still having interruptions… I finally finished! This book was such a great read! 

I love unique stories–and ones that are true–so this book was perfect for me. Even how he came about to write this book was unique. It all started with listing his Vegas items on eBay and telling the history behind each piece. As I scouted the web to find more info, it looks like his book was probably the first that had been written indirectly from eBay auctions. So. Very. Cool. (Kind of like me writing poetry from reading marine industry lit.) 

When the Mob Ran Vegas taught me a lot that I didn’t know. I didn’t know the history behind each casino, nor did I know any of the early mob names….and the biggest shocker of them all — seeing that Frank Sinatra was a big part of the mob name. Apparently everyone who knew I was reading this book knew this piece of information… everyone except me. 

I’ve only been to Vegas one time in July of 2012. We stayed at the Flamingo. I loved it so much because it was pink, shiny and some of my favorite animals were in the habitat there. I almost refused to go because I was so against “sin” and going to a casino was exactly that — so much gambling (that I don’t like) — but now? I kind of embrace the sin around me. (I still have never gambled and don’t plan on it.) 

Because of some of the crazy things I did in the city — like find a need to collect calling girl cards and telling the tale to everyone around, the sights and city lights at night — I have been heavily missing Vegas lately. 

Reading When the Mob Ran Vegas has certainly quenched my thirst for the earlier history of Vegas and how each hotel/casino there had come about. 

The way that Fischer wrote this book — in tiny chapters, divided by whatever he was talking about, whether it be a certain mob or casino — was absolutely amazing. It’s definitely a must read in my opinion. Also, after searching the web for more information, there’s apparently a showgirls themed book coming out eventually. I hope it’s real soon. 

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Published on March 10, 2019 08:48
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