Ancient Temples Wisdom

Ancient Temples & Fire Stolen from Gods
Ancient Temples wisdom and Enlightened consciousness by Nataša Pantović

Full moon on the Southern Gaia’s Hemisphere came expectedly yet surprisingly different. She met Him in full force, face to face, keeping us, mortals, speechless, causing a mini Universal Chaos within the elements.
Parthenon in its Entirety
So exciting was their pre-meditated and long awaited Cosmic dynamic Relief. Both a black cat and a black dog crossed my path this morning, reminding me to “remember” to stay awake and exchange with the souls I m...

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Published on February 26, 2019 05:04 Tags: ancient, fiction, motivational, natasa-pantovic, temples, wisdom
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Nataša Pantović With the most unfortunate history of our religious wars, the ancient Parthenon was first converted into a Christian church in 600 AC and during the Ottoman rule in Greece, from 1453, in to a mosque. Yet it managed to survive until 1687, when the Pope and the Venetian Governors assembled the so-called “Venetian” army, and send a general Morosini to fight the Ottoman Empire. In his unsuccessful siege of the city the Acropolis was bombarded continuously for eight days, and on September 26, 1687, a bomb hit the storage gunpowder magazine and completely blew it apart.

The Enlightened Man & Fire Stolen from Gods
The ancient Temples were built to be an allegory for the enlightened man....

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