Book Review: Avengers West Coast: Avengers Assemble

Avengers West Coast: Avengers AssembleAvengers West Coast: Avengers Assemble by Roger Stern

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This book collects the four issues of the West Coast mini-series as well as Iron Man Annual #7, and snippets from Avengers comics that shows how the Avengers got started and we also get a team-up between West Coast and East Coast Avengers in Issue 250..

The mini-series begins with Hawkeye so incredibly eager to make the new West Coast Avengers work that he's assuming a yes from everyone: Iron Man, Wonder Man, and Tigra while having his wife Mockingbird on board.

Hawkeye is the best thing about this mini-series. The idea of the former villain and troublemaker on the original Avengers growing to actually be a leader.

Beyond that, the rest of the team is just kind of there, this is true of Mockingird in particular. The other three all have problems, but they are all a variation on the same problem: not knowing if they fit on the team. Iron Man has the most interesting one as no one seems to be able to tell that he's not the original despite having different voice and eyes. But they all kind of blended together.

The plot is a bit uneven. It starts in a pretty rough way in Issue #1 that's kind of an underwelming, but the story picks up a bit as Graviton emerges as the villain. Whie he's not an A-list villain, he definitely presents a challenged and I enjoyed the final issue.

Iron Man Annual #7 had an interesting idea as it brought back a has-been villain who had lost the right to use hos iold name of Power Man andtries to make a comeback as the new Goliath. It would have been a fine fight for Iron Man but I really question why two other Avengers were needed.

Avengers #250 is another merely okay issue, which is not okay because this is a milestone issue. The lowlight when Hawkeye makes his biggest primary ensuring West Coast Avengers are treated as equals, when saving the world seems like a bigger deal. Despite Hawkeye's concern, they are the guest stars and are treated as such. The big character stories are both about East Coast team members.

The excerpted material on events leading up to the formation of the West Coast team is okay, but none of it is particularly compelling, with the best bit being a flashback by Hawkeye after Mockingbird tied on how they got the headquarters.

Overall, this is okay, but not all that interesting unless you're a big fan of this team.

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