Will Trump Issue His Edict on the Great Wall of New Mexico?

As the battle between POTUS and Congress wages on and federal government employees continue to not receive their paychecks, let us reflect on what could occur if our federal legislature fails to act and the executive branch decides to fund a border wall on its own authority. Besides the fact that President Trump was either deceitful or dead-wrong about Mexico paying for the wall, we now have a struggle for power between two branches of the government. Going with historical trends, is there any doubt that the executive will win the battle in the end? The executive branch has been greatly strengthened, and the political party in control of this branch often supports near-dictatorial powers until the tables are turned.

Although wall supporters fail to see some basic facts about building a wall; such as the idea that immigrants and drug lords will eventually find a way to tunnel underneath or infiltrate the wall in some manner, illegal immigrants already inside the United States will continue to receive government aid with or without the wall, and most drugs and illegal immigrants entering the United States come through legal ports of entry (e.g. through ships or airplanes or overstaying visas); the fact of the matter is that the United States government cannot afford another large project. Even if the majority of the population supported the wall, from a fiscal perspective, projects should be cut in other areas to make financial room for the Great Wall of New Mexico. But, with the federal deficit that is currently in place, we should be cutting out more than just the wall, and we should be reducing federal welfare programs, military adventures overseas, and the war on drugs (just to name a few).

Some may argue that with the invocation of the National Emergencies Act of 1976, the president could declare the situation an emergency and repurpose funds set aside for other Department of Defense projects. Yes, perhaps this would get past the financial aspect of the situation because this money would have been spent either way, but do we really want to go down the authoritarian path? Although this type of executive order has been used by Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, will President Trump continue in the footsteps of his predecessors or go above and beyond the status quo of dictatorial acts and accept a restriction from Congress (as the Constitution requires)?

We as a society should stop getting so wrapped up in the politics surrounding the issues, such as being anti-Trump or anti-Obama, and focus on the deeper issues at hand. Right now, Republicans are willing to accept authoritarian actions because of the party affiliation of the president and Democrats oppose it, but when a Democratic president takes over, Democrats will support these actions and the Republicans will not. Politicians play off of the political divides of the people, while the authoritarian and status quo momentum continues regardless of the party in power. Whether you agree with building the wall or not, let us at least agree that Congress needs to have a part in the decision. The Constitution established a system of checks and balances, so let us not stray from this principle.

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Published on January 16, 2019 02:06
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