The Beloved Major John André

Major John André was the head of intelligence for the British army during the Revolutionary War. He was the contact that assisted General Benedict Arnold with his failed surrender of West Point to the British that ultimately led to Arnold becoming the most famous traitor in history and to André’s capture and execution by the Americans. But Major André was so much more than that. He was not your typical army officer, being more of a lover than a fighter.
He reportedly joined the army after having his heart broken by the young Miss Honora Sneyd and even though he was on the opposite side, much of Colonial America embraced the charming young gentleman to their bosoms...literally. He was known for his love of telling stories, beautiful sketch work, and the poetry he wrote, often a favorite on the social scene in Philadelphia’s high society. He could sing, paint, and even excelled in the art of cutting silhouettes, a truly lost art form and the man knew how to throw a party. If you don’t believe me, just google General Howe’s farewell Mischianza, which he personally planned. What wasn’t there to love about the man? Major André even earned the respect of those on the Continental side, including General George Washington and Major Benjamin Tallmadge, both of them greatly aggrieved by having to carry out his punishment-death by hanging. General Washington was so fond of the man, in fact, that he actually had breakfast sent from his own table each morning while he was in his custody for the trial and execution. Women loved this man so much, that on the day of his death, they flocked to the morbid event just to get one last look at the beloved fellow and to weep over his grave...apparently, there was a long line of them.
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Published on December 22, 2018 16:11 Tags: a-timely-revolution
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