Book Two Playlist

“Once upon a time, there was an ordinary soldier, a clever boy, and a strange faery girl traveling through the English countryside…”
- The Renegade Son

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As was the case with the first book in our YA fantasy series, The Changeling's Fortune, music was an important part of crafting the second book, The Renegade Son. Here is our music playlist for Book Two, which will hopefully give you a feel for the story:

1. Sake of the Song by Blackmore's Night
Nothing quite captures that magical faery feeling like Renaissance-y songs. This song captures the essence of Seelie faeries in our book.

2. A Phiuthrag's a Phiuthar by Julie Fowlis
A new, mysterious blind faery character emerges from the woods and into our story...

3. Your Bones by Monsters and Men
Remembering the sacrifice of a friend in the previous book and acknowledging the journey ahead because of what he did.

4. Islandsljóð
A battle against a horrid Unseelie monster in darkness...

5. An Act of Kindness by Bastille
Kindness, sacrifice, and forgiveness can be the best motivators for change and action.

6. The Wishing Star by David Arkenstone
A new friendship blossoms and understanding is reached between Deirdre and Iain. And no, you aren't imagining that spark between them! Fun fact: my writing partner and I listened to this song while thinking about these characters INDEPENDENTLY of each other.

7. Bad News by Bastille
James learns a painful truth.

8. Moon Cradle by Loreena McKennitt
Six years earlier...

9. Stand My Ground by Within Temptation
Kallista makes a choice. This playlist would not be complete without a little metal.

10. Revolution by Kamelot
To me, this song encompasses the Iron Guard, Boyd, and General Callaghan's goals through their perspectives. Faeries be warned: humanity is just getting started.

Don't be shy to talk to me or my writing partner, M.C. Aquila, if you have any questions or comments on our series. Happy reading (and listening), friends! :)
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