Journey into the Realm: The Spell Master, is currently in the editing process, but I wanted to post a blog with a few hints of what's to come. I'm extremely excited for this book's release because it's one of my favorites of the entire series - and I can't hold back any longer!

But before I begin, if you haven't read The Elf Girl and you decide to continue reading this, you'll either be a) super confused or b) angry with me because there are spoilers. So don't read it if you're not prepared!

So what should you expect in book two?

New characters - The Spell Master introduces a wide variety of new characters, good and bad. Some will stick around for coming books and play key roles, others...well, not so much....Emphasis on relationships - Although the aspect of romance is heavily disected, the real depth will be found in family relationships. Ramsey's growing relationship with Zora especially. You were given brief glimpses of their interactions in The Elf Girl. But The Spell Master takes place three months after Zora was rescued. Their current situation is very different, as you'll see once you start reading.Education - Because Ramsey is now sixteen, she must attend ability school to learn about her power. Her classes will not only enrich her understanding of the Magical Realms, but yours as well. Lots of rich magical history and elfin practices will be integrated. So be ready to learn!Secrets - Well, of course Ramsey's secret will be at the forefront. But she's not the only one with a past. You'll realize that soon enough.Danger - Expect to see more than you did in The Elf Girl. Ramsey's new life isn't all sunshine and flowers. The Element fairies are always watching...Magic - Whether the subject is elves, fairies, gnomes, or dragons, there will be a bountiful supply of new magic to witness.Choices - Basically the grand theme of the novel. Plenty of forks in the road for Ramsey. Question is, will she make good choices...or horrible ones that make you throw the book against a wall? Hmmm...Well, I'm not telling.

So basically, The Spell Master is The Elf Girl - but completely amplified. More, more, more! Book one was just the beginning, the introduction, if you will. Book two is where the magic happens. Just be patient. Good things come to those who wait....

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