This is the first time I’d ever heard of a skeleton help solve a murder mystery. That’s right. A skeleton. Not a plastic one either. Since this was the third book in a series, there weren’t many details on how the skeleton came to be or how he got to be with Georgia Thackery, but he was part of her family. Of course, he hid from view whenever anyone came around, but Georgia’s family knew and accepted him as Sid.

Georgia is an adjunct professor at McQuaid University in Massachusetts and teaches English. In her spare time, she’s raising a daughter and loves to solves mysteries. This year, she’s helping her sister at the annual Howl, a month-long event before Halloween. Her sister is running the haunted house and her daughter is one of the scare actors. One night, a young woman is murdered inside but no one has any idea who did it. The police comb the area, interview the witnesses, and eventually, make an arrest. But Georgia and Sid are convinced they have the wrong person.

I’ve heard of cats, dogs, and even ghosts, who help solve mysteries, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a skeleton. Trouble is, I really liked Sid. He has a great personality and I can imagine him. The mystery was quite interesting as well. This was a fun read.
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