I know I said in my last post you probably wouldn't hear from me until after Archon this coming weekend in the St. Louis area. (For info on my schedule see last post and click the hyperlink.) But a lot has been happening, so one more update.

First of all, the Nahtewords.com site is back up and running. Some malfunction occurred on the web host end, but it seems to be fine now.

Z Publishing House seems to be on a mission to alert the world to a lot of emerging writers, releasing several books for various states and even in Canada, featuring fiction and poetry. I am in one of the newest books of the series entitled Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction . The book is now available for pre-order, so just click the link above. I believe it is supposed to be around 200 pages filled with flash/short fiction. I have a dramatic literary fiction piece in this anthology. It's a bit different than the speculative fiction most of my readers are accustomed to, but I think the story will grab the reader's attention.

My second order of Wings of Mercury is being shipped as I type this blog. The first shipment has sold quickly, leaving me just a handful to take to Archon. I wasn't anticipating having this many sales right off the bat, but that's a good thing to a degree. I"m sure some people want the book just for the cool cover art by Hugo Award recipient Brad W. Foster, but that's cool, too!
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Published on October 10, 2018 11:42 • 65 views • Tags: anthology, brad, emerging, foster, hugo, mercury, novella, wings, z-publishing

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