Avengers InfinityAvengers Infinity by Roger Stern

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The cosmic hero Quesar needs help fighting a threat that wiped out a colony and so he turns to the Avengers. However, most of the regular well-known Avengers aren't available, so he gets a team of Thor and some lesser known characters.

This story actually works really well. The plot has some high concept ideas that require the intervention of a big cosmic being, and I have mixed thoughts on that. What I did like is the character work. Stern did a great job making all the characters come to life and be really interesting. Monica Rambeau is very well-written and there's some great conflict with Thor. By no means is this a great book, but if you're working for a good cosmic story with solid character work, this is worth checking out.

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Published on October 08, 2018 23:03 • 53 views • Tags: avengers, roger-stern

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