Get the paddles STAT!

Developing a story line is like an ECG. It must move along at a steady pace. Unlike a healthy heartbeat there also needs to be regular surges caused by Adrenalin. These would be the exciting parts.

Unfortunately, too often writing hits irregular beats where a good critique is needed. If adjustments aren't made in time, an Author risks the dreaded block or flat line.

The good thing is if you have good characters and are willing to consider changing your "lifestyle" and make hard choices the work can be resuscitated.

I'm in that place now. My work in process Jazz House is on the stretcher. I have a decision to make about a recurring character in the Impact Series and it's going to be painful.

How about you? What in your life needs to be assessed and changed
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Published on October 02, 2018 06:46 Tags: medical, reader, romance, writer
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