Published in 2018. Kendra Michaels was born blind but through a miracle of modern science, she is now able to see. Combined with her other senses, she becomes a formidable investigator. In this book, she teams up with Adam Lynch, an FBI agent extraordinaire when a woman is murdered, trying to deliver a thumb drive to her. The wedding is for people she doesn’t know and never met. Kendra has no idea who this woman is and why this wedding is so important. Only when the bride in the wedding video is found dead and the maid of honor is missing, does the case begin to unravel.

An easy read. The authors spend a lot of time on the relationship between Kendra and Adam. They have one, but Kendra doesn’t want to admit that she really likes Adam. Adam, however, has no problem touting his assets to her but still respects her privacy. The relationship began many books ago and continues to get more serious.

The husband and wife team has written a number of books, individually as well as together. I’ve read a few others and enjoyed them.
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