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We offered our eBook: Life Love Fun Living in Australia - Book 2 in a giveaway exclusively to the Goodreads community. We appreciate and value all 185 entrants and readers entering the competition and congratulate the 100 winners.

Our incentive to put pen to paper then self-publish and for Graham going out often in the early cold mornings is to give you a time-out to laugh and also inspire you with the 'free' gift of the beauty of nature and life around us every day.

I'd love to keep in touch so please feel free to follow us on Goodreads to get the latest.

Enjoy your day and happy reading.

Graham and Bev :D

If you didn't win a copy you can still get a copy by clicking below ...
Life Love Fun Living in Australia: Part 2
Life Love Fun Living in Australia Part 2 by Beverly Dowdell
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Published on August 26, 2018 17:46
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