Finding Happiness

Helen PiccaAn excerpt from my recently published book, "From the Hamster Wheel to Happiness in 10 Easy Steps:" I had a dream last night. I was back in my former life. Running on the hamster wheel , the day a blur with meetings, emails, phone calls. All day long, solving problems, resolving conflicts, moving things forward, keeping bosses in the loop. Day after day, running on that wheel. Not much room for anything else. From the moment I awoke in the morning, I was running. Getting to the office before 9 am, racing around like my hair was on fire, going from one thing to the next, until my body would tell me it was time to go home—sometimes it was dark out, on its way to being 7 or 8 o’clock at night. I was one of the last persons in the office, the building, for that matter. I’d grab a cab home, maybe stop at a local spot and pick up dinner (the bagel shop made great pea soup). I’d climb into bed somewhere around 11 and sleep like the dead. Till the alarm went off and I got up to do it all over again.
Now, it might sound like this was drudgery, that I hated my job. Quite the opposite. I loved it. I was useful, helping a company to grow, because, you know, market share is everything. We were making newer, better products. And yes, it was cosmetics, not rocket science, but cosmetics have the power to change one’s outlook on life. I learned that many years before when I volunteered at a company-sponsored program called “Look Good, Feel Better,” a joint program by the cosmetic industry and the American Cancer Society, whereby we volunteers went to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and worked with their patients doing makeovers. Some of the patients had just had surgery, wearing bandages and dragging along their I.V. poles, some of them were terminal. But as we sat together and played with makeup, showing them how to apply it properly, helping those too weak to do it themselves, I saw firsthand the power of cosmetics. Those women came in looking sad and hopeless and left with smiles on their faces, with a new willingness to face the world and their challenges. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. . .
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Published on July 25, 2018 13:46 Tags: hamster-wheel, happiness
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