Assembly Bill 2119* is the latest outrage being debated in the California legislature. This bill seeks to provide tax-payer-funded sex-change operations to children trapped in the foster care system. You heard me right.

People! Sacramento is out of control! California’s lawmakers have inundated us with legislation to prevent Christians and Jews and Muslims from expressing anti-homosexual sentiments, while forcing the LGBT worldview onto those same Christians and Jews and Muslims. Where is the balance, fairness, tolerance, and diversity? What happened to free speech and the free exercise of religion? The Bill of Rights is being demolished right before our eyes! These laws muzzle the press, encourage government sponsorship of one religion over another, limit free speech, endorse the persecution of religious groups, and discriminate against specific citizens in a free economy—all of which are violations of the U.S. Constitution.

Take the California Healthy Youth Act** and AB 2943***, for example. The California Healthy Youth Act was written into the State Code of Education in order to force public schools to teach children as young as eleven to explore their homosexuality. Even Hollywood’s movie-rating system is stricter than that. This same Act expressly forbids religious teaching that advocates abstinence or demonizes homosexuality. Where is the equality in introducing homosexual behavior to impressionable children (children who are the products of heterosexual unions, I might add) while forbidding all opposing viewpoints? In order to be fair and balanced, California’s sex education curriculum should inform kids that the only sure way to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies is abstinence, that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God, and that the wages of sin is death. That's the opposing viewpoint. At least allow children to make a well-informed decision.

AB 2943 will come before the California Senate for a vote on August 6, 2018, once lawmakers are back from their summer recess. This bill, sponsored by the LGBT Caucus, would make it illegal for Christians/Muslims/Jews to express God’s position on homosexuality wherever money changes hands. This would restrict the free expression of ideas in the once-free marketplace! It would ban the sale of religious texts, muzzle Christian/Jewish/Muslim counsellors from sharing God’s point of view with clients, shut down websites and newspapers that print or share blogs and articles like this one, ban Christian conferences in the state… It would even prevent journalists from reporting objectively on the issue, since they would be unable to print the statements of Christian defendants in the avalanche of lawsuits that will definitely follow such legislation.

I can’t even believe that sex-change operations are actually being considered by lawmakers as being a real option for children. The laws of the land don’t allow children to vote until they are 18; they can’t drink until they are 21; so, who the hell thinks children are capable of making a massive, life-altering decision about a sex-change operation while their bodies are still developing?!!! And all without the vital input of loving parents.

Don’t let our children become guinea pigs. Fight the insanity! Speak out against these two unconstitutional bills before they become law. Find out more about AB 2119 and AB 2943 at

Californians—contact your State Representatives to voice your opposition. Find their contact information at

The rest of you—splatter social media with your outrage.

* Text of AB 2119,
** Text of the California Healthy Youth Act,
*** Text of AB 2943,
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