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Made a quick trip to New York to co-host "Selected Shorts" at Symphony Space with A.M. Homes, who is a brilliant writer as well as a very witty woman and a whole truckload of fun to hang out with. We had a great time. Zach Grenier performed my "Top of the Food Chain" and Santino Fontana did "The Five-Pound Burrito," and we were treated to two of A.M.'s stories from her new collection ("Days of Awe") as well. If you follow my tweets, you will have seen pics of the stunning upper West Side at the height of spring loveliness, as well as of the lake in Central Park, which was as tranquil as a lake in the Adirondacks (but for the 60,000 rowboaters). Otherwise, I have been enjoying the peace and usualness of the days at home, writing new stories. I have just returned proofs for the first of them, "I Walk Between the Raindrops," which is now scheduled for the July 23 issue of The New Yorker. At the moment, as soon as I sign off here, I must return to the proofs of the new novel, Outside Looking In, which are due on the twenty-eighth. As I mentioned in my last entry, the book will be published in German translation in January and here and the UK in the original in April. Since it deals with the early days of LSD, we will really have a reason to celebrate Bicycle Day this coming spring. BTW: the Prelude to the book is called "Bicycle Day," and it dramatizes the day on which Albert Hofmann, who first synthesized the drug, took the initial trip in human history--and then had to get home on his bicycle. I hope to have news for you that it will appear in a magazine before publication. Stay tuned.
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Published on June 22, 2018 10:20
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