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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Publisher of The Lightworker’s Guide Now Accepting Original Stories and Personal Experiences for New Book Scheduled for Release this Fall


(Castle Rock, CO) On May 22, 2018, bestselling authors Amy Scott Grant, MBA and Terry Robnett, RN announced an open call for submissions for original writing and true stories and anecdotes for their new book published by Liberto Press: “The Lightworker’s Guide to Grounding Energy.”


The book defines “Lightworker” as one who works with energy toward a positive end. Grant and Robnett are currently seeking individuals of all demographics and geographical locations to submit original personal stories, anecdotes, tips, and tools, for possible inclusion in their forthcoming book. The deadline for submissions is July 3, 2018, and the book is expected to launch on Amazon on August 29, 2018.


“The feedback we’ve received for the first book has been extraordinary, and our readers especially love the blend of straightforward how-to guidance along with personal stories and experiences,” comments Robnett. “With more and more individuals waking up to their spiritual gifts, ‘The Lightworker’s Guide to Getting Started’ could not have come forth at a better time. Now we’re expanding the conversation by specifically addressing energy grounding in this second book in the series. We’ve already started receiving entries from across the globe and we’re beyond excited to connect with so many amazing individuals through their personal stories and experiences.”


“The Lightworker’s Guide to Grounding Energy” will be a how-to guidebook designed to provide a variety of simple, fast, effective methods for grounding energy. The information will be presented in well-organized, entertaining, clear, and comprehensive fashion. Additionally, certain concepts and methods will be further illustrated through personal stories submitted from readers, fans of the first book, and light workers worldwide.


Grounding energy, also known as “earthing,” is a concept similar to that of electrical grounding, where a device is connected to the earth for a variety of reasons. According to an early draft of the new book, “Grounding was originally performed to help prevent accidental shock or injury, but since the early days of the invention of various electronics, many additional benefits have been discovered. Grounding provides a zero potential reference point for voltage, eliminates electrostatic buildup, minimizes lightning damage, drains off any undesirable buildup of electrical charge, and helps electrical devices maintain a steady voltage.”


According to Grant and Robnett, this effect occurs similarly in humans, through the use of grounding energy. “When grounding energy, you instantly feel calmer, more centered, and more stable,” states Grant. “Grounding allows excess anxiety or overwhelm to be siphoned off of you and into the earth. As a result, your brain operates more effectively, your emotions are more stable, and you are less affected by outbursts, surges of energy, or unexpected turns of events.”


Robnett, a bestselling author and “Whole Being Specialist,” insists grounding is beneficial to everyone; not just light workers. “Grounding can prevent road rage, arguments, confusion, and overwhelm. It is one of the most useful tools we can teach ourselves, our children, and all of our loved ones. The more that individuals learn to ground and practice grounding, the calmer and safer our world can become.”


Grant, a bestselling author, speaker, and master intuitive healer, is known as the “Spiritual Ass Kicker” for her no-nonsense approach to new age practices and spirituality. “When the ‘shift’ hits the fan, grounding is what helps us reconnect and settle down so we can move forward. I teach all of my clients to ground energy so they can feel calmer and more equipped to handle life’s ups and downs. Grounding is also an essential component of energy work, to maintain balance and keep the field of energy stable.”


Grant and Robnett founded The Lightworker’s Guide community alongside the first book in the series, as the start of a movement for positive change. “We started out thinking we would write a book,” Robnett comments. “Instead, we are creating a ripple effect that has already begun to reach far and wide. This community is strong and mindful, and the numbers are growing every day.” Grant and Robnett lead a private Facebook community called The Lightworker’s Guide to Getting Started.


Liberto Press is an independent publisher that specializes in books and media that promote free and independent thinking, as well as inspirational work. The company is based in Castle Rock, Colorado. Original entries and full details about the call for submissions can be found at to enter is July 3, and all entrants will be notified whether or not their submission was selected for inclusion in the book by July 31, 2018. The book is slated for release on August 29, 2018.



About Amy Scott Grant, MBA


Amy Scott Grant is known as the Spiritual Ass Kicker for her no-nonsense approach to life, spirituality, and creating results for her clients. She is a member of the National Academy of Bestselling Authors and was a Thought Leader of the Year finalist in 2013. She has authored several books and has created a number of self-help and spiritual courses and programs. Connect with Amy at http://AskAmyAnything.comand learn more about her newest book at


About Terry Robnett, RN


Terry Robnett is a dynamic, powerful Lightworker, Reiki Master, and Registered Nurse. Terry’s unique blend of compassion and intuitive connection makes her a dynamo Consultant and Life Coach. Terry stands strong in her commitment to transformation, and her passion for health and well-being is evident as she leads her clients toward a richer, more fulfilling life. Terry is the owner of and, both revolutionary companies created to help people take control of their health and wellbeing.

About The Lightworker’s Guide


Any individual is welcome to request membership in The Lightworker’s Guide to Getting Started private Facebook community. Simply visit answer the questions provided in order to request admission. To submit your original writing for possible inclusion in The Lightworker’s Guide to Grounding Energy, visit ends July 3, 2018 and all entrants will be notified whether or not they have been selected for the book by July 31, 2018. Those who are not selected for inclusion will receive personalized feedback and encouragement about their writing.




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