Next month is National Novel Writing Month for those of you that are unaware. I will be participating once again this year. I actually plan on taking the time to write volume 2 of Chikara's Curse Chronicles by the title of Sole Hope. The story picks up right where Last Shred of Hope left off with no awkward time jump between. Many of the questions posed in Last Shred of Hope (LSOH for short) will be answered and there is a stunning conclusion that will have you saying "Say what?"

The reader will also get a new insight into the lives of the Tentoo Tensai as a new perspective is introduced into the story.

Saito and Seki have split up for answers, Sasuke Naraku (one of the Nikushimi) is faced with a demon from his past, and a strange truth is revealed. All this in more in Chikara's Curse Chronicles: Sole Hope.

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Published on October 19, 2011 17:41 • 80 views • Tags: announcement, last-shred-of-hope, nanowrimo

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