Reviews for In the Field

Milwaukee poet DeWItt Clinton, who has a book forthcoming from Diaphanous Press wrote:

"What does a poet bring to her creative imagination other than her own sharp eye for detail, similar to what the poet Mary Oliver advised: “Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” It is in things astonishing that we find Sue Blaustein’s world of experience in this fine collection as the portrait of a water plant operator, food inspector, camper, would-be entomologist, civil servant and keen observer of all kinds of matter, (including creatures, some so small requiring a prone position for observation, others, larger, sometimes threatening) – all envisioned with such care and detail, we may all be reading her sources to guide us in the world of her wonder and amazement.

“What if,” she writes, “What if I/was patient/every day.” Her patience has helped her to see the fine detail of life but this opening poem also sets the design as well as the poetics of her keen observations. Her book is, as well, a response to many of the readings which have helped her to shape these poems including classic Chinese poets, scientists, politicians, and musicians. Reading these poems in In the Field reminds us of what we’ve been missing – the sharp eye of an Inspector."
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Published on March 10, 2018 04:50 Tags: dewitt-clinton, diaphanous-press
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