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Walking on the Glass Floor Seven Essential Qualities of Women Who Lead by Judy Hoberman

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In the follow-up to her widely popular book SELLING IN A SKIRT: The Secrets Women Don't Know They Know about Sales and What Men Should Know, Too! (which introduced the world to S.K.I.R.T.: Standing Out, Keys to Success, Inspiration, Results, Time Management) author, speaker, sales guru, coach, and entrepreneur Judy Hoberman gives us WALKING ON THE GLASS FLOOR: SEVEN ESSENTIAL QUALITIES FOR WOMEN WHO LEAD (March 6, 2018) a timely and indispensable business guide for all women -- whether you are moving out of a dorm room or moving into an executive suite.

Introducing readers to the seven keys to success in business -- and life -- Judy Hoberman brings her fresh voice, sales savvy and thoughtful approach to each of the essential and most powerful leadership qualities:

1) Passion

2) Authenticity

3) Courage

4) Communication

5) Decisiveness

6) Resilience

7) Generosity

Written in her trademark no-nonsense, glass-half-full prose Judy’s blueprint for business teaches all women how to: cultivate and strengthen key skills that will serve them in both business and life; uncover amazing qualities they already possess that will help them lead and succeed; and harness universal leadership qualities to continue reaching their full potential.

By providing authentic real life case studies and inspiring quotes throughout (including words of wisdom from leaders Steve Jobs, Marie Forleo, Anna Quindlen, Brené Brown, Jeff Bezos and more), Judy Hoberman fills each page with the timely advice women need right now. And with personal anecdotes and an interactive style that includes writing prompts, journaling opportunities and pauses for reflection WALKING ON THE GLASS FLOOR is like having Judy Hoberman sitting right next to you as your business mentor, personal life coach, and best friend all at the same time!

Finally, WALKING ON THE GLASS FLOOR reveals many of the secrets behind Judy’s successful career, her briskly selling books, and her standing room only talks. She shares the methods she uses with her own clients such as: The Power of the 3R’s, How to Create a Strategic Plan, Why Self-care is good for your business, Why Mentors and Masterminds are a Must and more.

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Published on February 22, 2018 07:56
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