Book Review: Man from Macedonia

This February (2018) I had the privilege of providing a professional review for the book Man from Macedonia by Rev. Aaron Johnson and Deb Cleveland. These are my impressions of the book.
Man from Macedonia is the life story of Reverend Aaron Johnson written in three acts. The first act of the book tells a tale of community love and strength carrying a sharecropper’s son through the humiliation and struggle of a time of radical segregation.
Act two sees this boy mature and integrate into the civil rights movement, taking a leadership role, and, upon the death of Dr Martin Luther King, throw himself full-force into carrying on King’s campaign of non-violent resolution in a nation which had erupted into unprecedented hatred and violence.
The final act of the book shows Johnson being thrust into the world of politics which eventually have him heading up the pitiful prison system of North Carolina. Johnson brings about sweeping changes in the prison system which eventually lead to an earth-shaking revival.
Johnson’s biography is a story so relevant, it seems as if it is written for our times. The brilliant narrative style of Aaron Johnson coupled with the excellent writing of his coauthor, Deb Cleveland make for a gripping reading of a fascinating tale. And it doesn’t hurt matters that it is an entirely true story.
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